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6 November 2012

6 Seconds of Life Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway!

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Today, as part of the 6 Seconds of Life blog tour, I will be sharing my review of the book and there is also a giveaway for an e-copy which I would strongly advise you to enter!  

6 Seconds of Life Name: 6 Seconds of Life
Author: Tonya Fitzharris
Publisher: Self
Release Date: September 1st 2012
Pages: 303
Source: For review (for blog tour purposes)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Maura has just jumped.
Now she has precisely six seconds until she hits the water below her--just six more seconds until she is finally freed from her mundane and aimless existence. Freed of all of the regrets and disappointments that have haunted her throughout her nineteen years.
She just needs to be free.
But as she falls, the most pivotal points of her life start to replay like a movie in her head: her family falling apart, her first love, her first heartbreak, and her first betrayal. As she remembers these moments that brought her to this point, will she feel a sense of peace? Or will her death be her greatest regret?
Beverley's Review

Guys.  I've just found THE self-published book that has exceeded my expectations and blown me away.  Thank you, Ms Fitzharris, for writing 6 Seconds of Life.  It was everything I wanted plus more - I hoped there would be depth and you gave me so much more than I ever expected.

The synopsis was what drew me to the book first.  I've seen a good few books which deal with suicide but it's not often the focus is on the person who actually commits it.  Curiosity overcame me to find out just how this author would deal with such a delicate matter.  Could she successfully write out all those memories spanning six seconds?

I must admit I expect less of self-published books but Tonya Fitzharris proved to me in 303 pages that she is an author worth noticing.  Despite a few grammatical and spelling errors here and there, Fitzharris writes with such a convincing, elegant style.  Each sentence held some sort of meaning and was filled with angst and sorrow and all sorts of emotion.  Her writing is what perhaps made me adore this book so much.  There is nothing flimsy or unsophisticated in 6 Seconds of Life.

Coupled with gorgeous prose, the characters added a fire of intensity to the novel.  As soon as we meet Maura, we realise what a broken young women she is.  As her memories develop, we witness all the devastating situations she suffered.  I couldn't imagine how I would react to some of the things that happened to her but her narration sucks you right in.  There were times when I'd put down my Kindle and feel empty and hollow, as if all my emotions had been sucked out.

There were some events which I felt Maura brought upon herself and I desperately wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her to her senses.  I deeply wished that someone could be there for her.  This 'someone' came in the form of Owen - a sweet, social butterfly.  He was Maura's 'light in all the darkness', someone she could rely on and turn to.  Their romance was ADORABLE to begin with and I really hoped they would last.  I adored him so when he broke Maura's heart, he broke mine too.

6 Seconds of Life is incredibly intense.  When Maura aches, you ache too.  All her emotions are reflected on to you and there is no way you won't feel her sadness and pain.  It's also one of those meaningful books which make you think.  It makes you realise how precious life is, how you should open up to people before it's too late and that you should never ever doubt if you are worthy of life.

All in all, 6 Seconds of Life is really worth picking up if you want a more serious, depressing read to cry over.  But please only do this if you're mentally prepared for the emotional rollercoaster it will take you on.  Tonya Fitzharris is an author to look out for: she writes beautifully and sensitively which makes reading her work all the more enjoyable and I must applaud her for making such a striking entrance into the YA fiction world.

4.5 teacups for 6 Seconds of Life
*Thanks to the author for the review copy for the blog tour*

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  1. This sounds like a good book, when I heard about it I wasn't sure about it but I think I will reconsider

  2. OMG! Well that sounds like an amazing book to read Bev and after reading your review, I jus wanna go buy right now if I could ;D But thanks for this brilliant reivew and for the giveaway!

    xoxo, Mariam

  3. Oh wow no I don't think I've ever read a book on the subject where it was the actual person who commits it that was the focus. I'm really digging the sounds of this and the cover is so pretty, too! Self pubs can sometimes be so amazing! Great review!

  4. I totally agree Beverley, a suicide book tends to focus on other people coping with the loss of their friend, so I really like the sound of this refreshing change. I usually have a phase where I got through emotional reads, so this sounds perfect to save it for then. Beautiful review Beverley! :)

  5. Woah, another 5 star review! I've read Aa'Ishah's review for this book and she highly praised it too. I'll definitely be picking this up once I feel like reading an intense and emotional read. Brilliant review, Bev. :)

  6. Wow! This sounds amazing! I'm glad this gives the self-publishing world some credit, I have only read a few books that do that. Thanks for the great review and a chance to win it! :)

  7. That's great that you found a self-published book that is really commendable - I think we do have a tendency sometimes to overlook self-published books a bit, but this proves that there really are some gems floating around and about!

    The synopsis sounds intriguing - I think it'll be really interesting to see how the author spans these flashbacks of nineteen years of Maura's life over the last 6 seconds of her life...

    Catherine :)

  8. Amazing review! I haven't heard of this one, but I love that it was so intense and truly inspired feeling within you. I definitely find that those are some of my favorite types of novels, so I'll have to check this out for sure! Thanks for putting this on my radar, dear! :)

  9. 6 SECONDS OF LIFE looks like the kind of book that will just grab me & hang on.


  10. This sounds like an original, intense book. I quite like the cover. Some self-published books have unappealing covers, but this one is nice :) I sometimes really like emotional roller coasters, so I will keep this one in mind! Awesome review <3

  11. I read a review for this on Reading Under the Stars and it made this book sound very impressive. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it too! I have to admit that I'm always a little hesitant where self-published books are concerned, but this definitely sounds like a worthwhile read. :)

  12. One of the many advantages of self-published books is that we go into them with such low expectations, leaving a lot of room to be pleasantly surprised. This sounds wonderful, although very hard to read. I admire authors who dare to tackle such difficult subjects.
    Fantastic review, Beverley!

  13. This sounds really interesting! I'm really glad yousent me this link or else I wouldn' have known about this! Thanks so much for the review :)

  14. It's so wonderful when you find a self-published gem. The premise sounds very emotional and when I read it I hope it all works out because I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Wonderful review Bev. :)


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