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30 December 2013

REVIEW: Little White Lies by Katie Dale

Little White LiesName: Little White Lies
Author: Katie Dale
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date published: 1st August 2013
Pages: 384, Paperback
Source: For review (from publisher)
Rating: 4.5 teacups
The first time Lou meets tall, dark, and handsome Christian, she knows he's hiding something. Why does he clam up every time she asks about his past? Why doesn't he have any family photos and why does he dye his blond hair black?
Then suddenly his terrible secret is unveiled to the world - and it seems everything he's ever told Lou is a lie. Can what the media are saying about him really be true? Should Lou trust him? Or is she in terrible danger? But Christian isn't the only one keeping secrets. For what if their chance meeting was no accident at all ...?
As lie follows lie, nothing is as it seems, and soon Lou finds herself ensnared in a web of deceit, her loyalties torn, her emotions in tatters as she faces a heart-wrenching dilemma: should she shatter the lives of those she holds dearest, or betray the guy who, against all odds, she's fallen in love with?
[summary taken from Goodreads]
My Review

Katie Dale rapidly became one of my favourite authors last year with her stunning debut, Someone Else's Life.  I obviously had high hopes for her next book, Little White Lies, and it didn't disappoint.

The premise and the storyline took centre stage.  It was so fast-paced, I was never bored; always kept on my toes, always wondering and contemplating what would come next. The beauty of it though was that my guesses were rarely correct.  Katie Dale threw in plot twists and surprises that you never see coming.  It was like sitting on a wave, my emotions rising and falling and being whipped around by the wind.

However, no matter how thrilling the premise, I knew I wanted the characters to be genuine and well-developed.  And they were definitely true to form.  Each with their own flaws, quirks and imperfections that made me instantly reach out and take them into my heart.  The anger and the hurt that Lou and Christian harboured within themselves felt so real and it was almost as if I was right there with them as the horrors and the answers they sought unfolded.  With Lou, I became a fiercely protective 'little sister' and hoped and wished she would receive her closure.

And then came the ending.  An ending so shocking and unexpected and in a way... fitting.  My emotions were thrown into turmoil and I just felt so conflicted.  It tore me apart as ache and joy met together and settled in my chest.  It was heart-wrenching and confusing and perfect all at the same time that I felt myself asking, 'Is there no other way?'

For me, Little White Lies turned out to be an incredibly emotionally charged read.  Katie Dale's writing style pulled me straight into the heart of the action and made me question everything.  This is a book you don't want to miss if you want real characters to relate to, a storyline that will take you on a fast-paced journey and an ending that will reduce you to an emotional wreck!

4.5 Teacups for Little White Lies!

*Thanks to Simon&Schuster for sending me this to review!*

Also, my review for Someone Else's Life for Chicklish is quoted on the back of the book! Squeee!!!!  First time ever *jumps around with glee*

Happy reading,
Beverley xxx


  1. Well, this is the first time I hear of the author
    But this looks like a really good book
    AWesome review
    Your reader,

  2. Oh I didn't realise Katie Dale had another book out this year. I still haven't read her debut yet, but I have a copy of it somewhere. I'm so glad her second novel managed to impress you too! You've made me equally nervous and curious about this ending now. It sounds heartbreaking... which I usually like to avoid, but I think I might have to make an exception here. Wonderful review, Beverley! :)

  3. I haven't read anything by this author before but have heard so many amazing things about Someone Else's Life! This book has such an intriguing concept - WHAT EXACTLY IS CHRISTIAN CAUGHT UP IN?! I must find out!

    So glad you loved this one, this might just be what I need to go out and pick up one of Dale's books! Great review! And congrats on getting quoted - that's awesome! :D

  4. BEVERLEY! How have you been? I'm back from my blogging break so I'm now catching up with all your amazing posts It's a shame that you've been in a blogging slump but hopefully 2014 will be better for you. *crosses fingers* And congrats on the quote! That is SO exciting :D

    Great review! I really want to know what Christian's big secret is... it is synopses like these that make me want to read the book. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Hope you have a great 2014<3

  5. Ooh. I recently checked this book out from my local library but it's due back soon and I haven't yet read it. I feel more excited about since reading your review ... I don't know wht to do!

  6. OOOOOHHH. This was one of the books I bought from WHSmith in the Christmas hols with my Christmas gift vouchers, and your review has made me even more excited to read it!! AAAAHH, WHAT CAN THIS TUMUULTUOUS ENDING BE?!!! CATHERINE MUST FIND OUT. SOOON.


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